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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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should chec >>a teacher accused of molestation. it will will get reactions from stunned students. >>he was just arrested last week. investigators are stating that he took his own life. he was a teacher at
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all but the middle school. >>one of my friends text me to tell me that he was dead. new rules in albany spread as former sixth grade studenteacher and as soon miyazakis sumi gawky. my friendt 3:30 p.m. and i just could not believe it. >>students i talk with a stuck up for the front former math teacher. i feel like everyone just has their own comments about that. some people have stated that
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he did some people say he did not do a. >>the charges there were brought and all solve his family. >>albany middle school students had already finished their classrooms when a notice went out to notify them what had happened. >>some of the students that if they wished it could have bid more to help as soon raise jockey. >>he was a good friend to make. >>i did try to talk with those from the school and i did walk into the office and i saw three teachers hugging and crying. >>some from the district will the talk about this tomorrow morning. j. r. stone kron 4 news. >>deputies are stating that they found his body in a
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car around 10:30 a.m.. >>i this is what led them to believe that this was suicide. >>when patrol officers got here this from a person who had committed suicide. he was inside of the vehicle when he did leave messages that indicated this. >>and can you tell us what the message was? >> as part of the investigation in a thing that was found goes into evidence and we're not able to release that affirmation of this time. >>was there a gun? was this size of this man took his life? >> it was very consistent with someone who will commit suicide >>was said later determined to move this person's name was? >> that's correct will
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will find out who the person was and we notified the alameda police department because of a pending case >>hear a gan the developments with this case. albany school district placed him on leave and then on wednesday they started to investigate the allegations. he was released on bail after being booked and no charges were filed against. stay with kron4 as we continue touse go with the lettuce. >>the triple digit temperatures across the bay. at car the thermometer was reading 102 in walnut creek. people were looking to find shed and to stay cool. the question tonight is how long will this he stay around. first of all the
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highs today were triple digits. we saw a lot of '90s as we head into tomorrow there will be a another warm day. the highs today there were in triple digits. a hundred and livermore and 90 everywhere else. at the e media coastline we saw temperatures in the mid '80s. 91 degrees in oakland throughout our inland valley. upper 90s through the upper bay and down to south bay. as we look at our current temperatures we see that it is still in the '90s in inland and 75 and they city we are in for a prettier good evening tonight. for the most part
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the noon hour tomorrow will be in the 80s and 90s and again. our inland valley is down. once again a day of widespread 96. will take a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood and let you know what it will cool down. >>kron 4 just send ballwin went out over the bay to get elected just how hot it was uncertain areas. this dog castro right idea this dog was swimming. the temperatures reached the upper 80s by the coast and people were heading to the beach to beat the heat. >>and walnut creek the shopping walnut plaza people stayed in the shed and grab a drink on ice.
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>>and it is fantastic to dress like this in october. the temperature was 95 degrees. did you like the weather to that? >> with a triple digits and pleasant time it was just too high to set outside this blast of october he does something to savor if you do like summer. >>when it gets to be a hundred and three and a hundred and tannic is a little miserable >>98 degrees and a high one for sure. in pleasanton kron 4 news. >>in that m. tract train was hit by a big rig in central valley. there were dug does of the people that were injured. about 7:20 a.m. it was headed to bakersfield but it did not make it that
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far. about 30 mi. south to fresno is where the crash happened. we do have camera showing the same. at least 40 people were taken to area hospitals where just bumps and bruises and maybe some broken bones. nothing to bed. this is on kansas avenue near 10th avenue if you are familiar with the hanford area. a hundred and 69 people were on board and officials are investigating. authorities say that if fire that engulfed the mayor's office was intentionally set. >>just after fire crews arrived at found flames and black smoke coming out of the windows. police say that
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they are investigating this and that may be terrorism. the mayor believes is that the arson was politically motivated. >>in i will not be intimidated by vandalism or criminal conduct. on the kind of i will continue to do what is right for the city of vallejo. >>the windows are boarded up their parts of the exterior are blackened. the mayor would not speculate on when or how the arson was related to mario repairs. he does believe that this crime had something to do with offers steady holes. >>the number of vandalism i
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have seen has made me to believe that is due to the position that our whole. the mayor stated said trash has been dumped at his home and his law practice over the past year. he stated that he does not fear for his life but he is conscious of his surroundings. >>he conceived police investigators at the same and they stated that this crime may be related to a civil litigator. they have notified the fbi as they continue to pursue leads in this case. >>the murder trial for a bay area mother accused of killing her arrival. the contra reversal tell all book by arnold schwarzenagger hits the newsstands. >>plus compound to the first
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>>and the crotch trial continues with the woman who is accused of killing a nurse. ask the buffon claim the one man was the reason that her relationship ended with her child's father. her body was found and a rule alameda county area. as stevin faced murder charges. jealousy, rage and hatred are reasons for this murder.
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about two dozen people filled the core of home as much the court room. lay's famiy was there. the other evidence included text messages that was sent by s divined. the woman said that she should be i was with her or she would take her life. >>the crime for crime tracker is investigating a series of bombs there were thrown at businesses and churches last night. they were throwing cocktails at st. rose church at 10th street about 10:00 p.m. last night after that in another church. and an architect
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busines and the arc thbusiness . the fire did not start at the other two targets. >>decision 2012 just two days away. president obama and mitt romney a have been practicing. >>if mitt romney a stumbles' it will not be due to lack of practice. he has spent the last two months practicing. president obama has the practice on was growing up. >>not be for public wheel lowing expectations. new
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mitt romney is a debater but not just ok. president obama is a very gifted speaker. only chris christie did not get the memo. wednesday night is to restart of his campaign. his numbers will start to move right in the other direction. romney will have to come across as likable. o obamas team is trying to make sure that he is a long winded and preaching. italy's one politician stated that we should not hope for any drama. i cannot remember a time when any of these comments grab people's attention. the candidates are too well prepared. >>been the swale was president stated that if he
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was american he would vote for obama. >>the entire debate will be aired 247 on wednesday night at 6:00 p.m.. you can tune into comcast 193 or over our their digital program. >>stifling heat this afternoon. >>and antioch is still 91 degrees and 91 and napa of. it is 81 down and san jose. we are not expecting fog through the overnight antipater's will stay mild. when will still see sunday skies. and then will start upholds as we go throughout the work with. temperatures look 96 in the south bay and
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92 in san jose. fort in land battle is that will be in the upper 90s and 99 in antioch and 100 and livermore. it would be another hot afternoon. 85 and oakland 90 in oakland. temperatures will fall school but fairly warm in the '70s. 81 in san francisco. we will see our breezes pickup. it will start to cool down after their. temperatures will be and 90 in san roselle. bic week and as we head into fleet week on friday saturday and sunday. it will be cloudy to start the day
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and temperatures will be cooler for since last week. >>wednesday, thursday and friday will see more fog cover. through the weekend a will be a little bit of a warming but definitely on the cool side. you can get the latest weather on kron 4 at comcast 193. >>in arnold schwarzenagger errors autobiography hits the newsstands today. he opened up about by highs and lows of his life including a number of affairs. >>in he admits that he had a a faire while he was in the relationship with his wife maria per.
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>>was this the only a fair? this she knew? >> yes. i am not perfect. the former governor stated that he has had an affair with bill longtime housekeeper. he suspected that he was the father of the sum when he was about eight years old. i'd new when he started to look like me that he was my child. i put the things together. he stated that maria confronted him during a counseling session. she stated that is joseph my
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kit? >> i stated that she was absolutely correct. >>do you have to remind yourself? >> it is always there. so why did he want open up old wounds. >>he likes to create drama and he is trying to generate sales for his book. >>maria is not giving any comment to her ex- husband or to the book. >>we will give new the induce honor of forty-niners smiling again.
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>>today san francisco has started to charge for begs. these beds are about 105 a piece. if you bring your own backs you do not have to worry about a. >>this is just th i hate when pk for a bed and they only have one item. what is wrong with some people? >> a lot of people on facebook have different views about this. >>
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>>ahead at 8:30 p.m.. tonight san jose investigators are looking into a deadly stabbing. the case of a man accused of corn on a deadly shooting spree at a college was suspended. we will have updates on the suspect's conditions. >>it was hot out there today. the hot weather will continue into tomorrow will have updates coming up.
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she chaire a >>police said they found the body of james as to me gawky. he was placed on leave just last week due to the allegations against him. >>the accident happened south of fresno and the train left oakland headed to bakersfield and at least 40 people were injured. the officials are investigating. >>hot weather are run the bay area are forcing people to try to beat the heat. this is sending many people and to the shade. >>will pam you are right
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there was very hot out there to that. there was widespread nine days in napa. in santa rosa it was 99 and concord. it was 98 in redwood city and as we head into tomorrow will will see a very warm day. the they will start out in the '70s at 8:00 a.m.. by the noon hours it will get hot. it will be near 90 degrees. and another day of widespread nine days with '80s near the coast. this he way will not stick around and i will have details on your weekend weather. >>a fatal stabbing marked
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the first homicide since august. >>homicide number 34 occurred early sunday morning at an intersection near monterey highway. police were called to the scene after 1:00 a.m.. there were a lot of people involved into a road side brawl. there were approximately 30 individuals. we're not sure whether it was a brawl or whether or not they're all involved. investigators are still talking to people who were present and we are actively asking people to come forth if they were involved. the name of the adults that was that has not yet been released. most of
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them that were involved had guns. >>the rockers shooting stated that he was not competent to stand trial. this man is accused of killing seven people. he has been charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he is being held without bail. >>the prince georgian county in maryland stated that this man was sentenced in the u.s. court according to evidence he work with others to district meth. they stated that the drugs were
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hidden in the toe of a tennis shoe. teaching officials said that no information was stolen but that chinese hackers gained access to the white house military computers. there stating that a worker of the white house opened an e-mail that caused this. >>honda is a recall and about a million hong the accords. they are concerned about fire risk and it is for the honda accord v-6. there stating that the power steering could leak and cause a fire to the engine. honda dealers will fix this problem for free. the replacement parts for this will not be available until early next year. >>airplane seats came a
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loose on an airline. a second came today on a flight from miami. american airlines stated that it could be an issue with a certain model seat. there were no reports of injuries on either airline. >>in kron 4 is your fleet week station. kron 4 will have live coverage on saturday at 3:00 p.m.. >>the blue angels are bay area bound. the celebration starts on october 3rd. they will take flight on
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thursday october 4th with a practice session from 4 to 5:00 p.m.. on october 5th this will be head of the practice from 3 to 4:00 p.m.. saturday will be the start to everything. they are set to start about 11:00 a.m.. kron 4 was the only news cast on board lacher. the carl vinson will leave the ships under the golden gate bridge. -you look down you will see the sailors manning the rails. >>meanwhile the air show is booked for a saturday and sunday from 1230 to 1:00 p.m.. but real aerobatics will star when the blue and to show off their moves from three before on both saturday and sunday. sun
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that was hostile have a cup race. kron 4 will be there to cover all. this is pretty cool and 1 a to air some of their most famous most. >>take a look. >>this move here is called the knife's edge. >>the pilots approach each other and about 90 degrees you will feel weightlessness and this is called the diamond role and they're all going 400 mi. per hour. this is always a crowd pleaser. this wednesday i will be in one of these doing things and potentially it will be just like this. we will bring you pictures from inside the cockpit. you could say that i am a little bit excited >>assuming that i make a lot
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in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ chip share let's take a look ahead at skateb >>let's take a look at a skateboarder who crashed into a deer. the state border walked away with some
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serious cuts but he had no serious injuries. >>you are looking at a typhoon that damaged. it was at one point dust reaching at a hundred and 80 mi. an hour. it hit the main island of japan. it injured 50 people and left people without electricity. >>she had a lot of courage. sandra brown fought back at a bear. she shouted and scared a bear off of her porch. while life investigators say that if a bear does not go away due to
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you jelling that you should use a stick or pepper spray. >>and a big night for the oakland a's because they are on the verge of clinching a spot. the raiders and the niners are going
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>>history is stanley of robbers who found some people behaving badly. >>this man here gives pans on the ground a new name. >>i i'm just saying no one would pay to see this. >>if you want your dog to swim you will have to do it yourself. >>if efforts she did not succeed i bet you thought i was on the state tried try
8:45 pm
try again sorry i do not do that. while we're on the subject of dogs you are required to have your dog on a leash but if you watch you will see dog owners who bought right acpass this sign. from may to july it was okay but now the dog needs to be on a leash. . this is because she allowed your friends to burial in a restricted area. but there is no need to worry because you're on leached dog can get you out. >>every year i find people behaving badly here and sometimes they are right next to this sign especially when the weather warms up. in ocean beach stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>if you have any questions
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for stanley roberts you can e-mail us at kron 4 news dot com. >>78 degrees in san francisco. we are not expecting fall overnight. the temperatures will be mile for tomorrow morning and they will warm very quickly. let's take a look at and neighborhood by neighborhood. 92 in san jose. fort in land valley that will see temperatures in the upper 90s. 98 in pleasanton. 85 and oakland and 90 in hayward. the coastline temperatures will
8:47 pm
cool and they were back in the '70s. it will be 81 degrees in san francisco. these temperatures are propping on to hit them around 1:00. up in the north bay is a different story a lot of 90 degree readings. smith we are going to see cooling as we head into the we can. we will see fog in the morning and sunshine and afternoon. so we will not see a number hot weekend like last weekend. this will probably the last week for our hot weather. thursday everywhere it will be tremendously cooler. >>in wil we will see that the
8:48 pm
coastline was state cooler and that hot weather will not make it around for this fleet week. >>you can get the latest news always on comcast 193. >>and baseball when it counts is very good. >>let's take a check at oakland a's that have just went ahead of texas they are m4 and to. they will clinch a while card spot. the dodger loss will put them out of the wild-card race. and tim alyssa come has received word after
8:49 pm
giving up three home moms they're still counting on him. thawill star one of the first few games. right now the giants still do not know if you will be cincinnati or washington for the first round. >>tone 8 rameau's pass never hit the ground. the cowboys are just 14 and 12. and ever passed the rumble through but he was intercepted five times. here is romeo here with five interceptions 3418 chicago is now to into an the cowboys are not the real
8:50 pm
one. >>pam cannot see. >>if you do not have this she can i relate. >>of i just need my glasses. i can always see which you are a good guy. a couple of nights she vern and she cannot even see. but are these just for a stage or do you really need them? >> sometimes people come men and tell her that she should put sunglasses on. >>let's not even care. these are for your eyesight?. why did you keep rubbing in
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there?. you have been here about 20 years and have been successful without them. >>were the 40 niner's that good? >> 193 nation. the defense only gave off hundred and 45 yds the jets did announce that mark sanchez will remain their starting quarterback. you know mark sanchez is dating. >>both players and coaches every guy play within the framework of the defense. it was hard rough tackling and
8:52 pm
defensively we did a good job. the new stadium for the forty-niners. the 49ers have announced that the fans can go ahead and purchase their tickets. they will have 9000 club seats. all i am saying is that if your kids to nine the money for college thing you should go to one of these games. >>she likes adelaide's. kerr head is too small to be on the big screen she is very good on television. mark sanchez is gating eve but long korea. he stated that
8:53 pm
sometimes people do not understand they have to work all the time but she understands she is 35 years old-he is 26 years old. he stated that the idea that an older woman can nurture him. but did she try this with tony parker?. >>but this is a basketball player he is a football player. >>this is a little different. >>you can even see the humor in this. >>both of us should talk. why don't we take a quick break and we will set things up on kron and that should make you feel good. this
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>> we will try to improve on things. we will go from a to z and try to get better. worley matts core of rahway got to the ryder cup. before we do anything i want to present you with this award
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to. with just one and make sure that you get here on time. c. when u.n. they give you a clock.
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a third come k.
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